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Recently, A-share metaverse concept stocks have been in the limelight. Off the court, a boom was formed. Not long ago, Adrian Cheng, Hong Kong real estate tycoon and CEO of New World Development Group, spent US$5 million to buy a "land" in the sandbox game The Sandbox. $228 million in virtual transactions The Sandbox, an Ethereum blockchain sandbox game. Sandbox games are currently one of the metaverse landing carriers. Like previous sandbox games, players can design and create various game scenes and links in the editor The Sandbox, but

Original Title: The "Real Estate Ownership Certificate" of the first land space in Guangzhou issued a pilot trial of intensive use of land space to open up new ideas Yangcheng Evening News reporter Luo Shi, correspondents Fan Xuan and Xing Qixin reported: Recently, Guangdong Taitai Technology Group Co., Ltd. received The "Real Property Certificate" for the overhead corridor between the two factory buildings of the company is the first above-ground space "Real Property Certificate" in Guangzhou, marking a new step in the intensive use of land space in Guangzhou. It is reported that Guangdong Taitai Technology Group Co., Ltd.

China Consumer News Shenyang News (Reporter Wang Wenyu) Recently, a reporter from "China Consumer News" learned that to optimize the housing provident fund withdrawal service and solve the problem of people's "anxiety" in handling affairs, the Shenyang Housing Provident Fund Management Center follows the principle of "should be withdrawn as much as possible". Starting from December 1, employees who cannot continue to deposit housing provident funds will return the stored funds in a timely manner, simplify the withdrawal procedures of housing provident funds for employees, and create a "no certificate" withdrawal model for employees to handle affairs. Li Luping, deputy director of Shenyang Housing Provident Fund Management Center, introduced that in the future,

Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Yuxia is less than half a month away from the end of 2021, and the battle for buyers in the Guangzhou property market continues. In terms of supply, not only are new projects in the peripheral areas on sale, but new projects in Haizhu, Liwan and Tianhe central areas are actively competing for the market. Over 10,000 units of new supply are added every month in the city, which makes developers relax in the slightest to promote sales. During this month, some hot-selling properties in the city, such as Jinyu Xifu, Asian Games City, Whampoa Central City, Poly Tianhui, and Zhujiang Huacheng, launched new products, attracting customers.

Recently, the Central Economic Work Conference held in Beijing has aroused the attention of all circles of society. Next year's real estate market regulation ideas, the meeting proposed that we should adhere to the positioning that houses are for living, not for speculation, strengthen expectations and guidance, explore development models, adhere to both rental and purchase, accelerate the development of the rental market, promote the construction of affordable housing, and support the commercial housing market To fully meet the reasonable housing needs of home buyers, the city implements policies to promote a virtuous cycle and development of the real estate industry. Industry experts believe that the past

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When you mention the "Metaverse", what do you think of? Did a dozen emperors form the "Asia's First Heavenly Group" during the Yuan Dynasty? Or is it the beginning of Pan Gu's creation of the universe? On December 8 this year, "Bitter Words" announced that among the "Top Ten Buzzwords of 2021", "Metaverse" was honorably selected. It means the interactive virtual world in the real world. This piece of pure land real estate is eyeing. The first explosion of real estate in the "Metaverse" was in November this year, and virtual games

Tanabata, meet you! It is exciting, meeting a lover, and carrying a loving home. In the past Valentine's Day of the Chinese Valentine's Day, Tianyue City joined hands with Angie, the popular anchor of "The Night Boiling" on Xiangyang Radio Station, to witness the official launch of Building 3. The new product meeting, the whole process of live broadcast, less than 10 minutes after the broadcast, the number of viewers exceeded 2000+, which won everyone's attention. On the day of the event, An Qi, a well-known and popular anchor with a well-known voice, came to Tianyue City to meet and share her personal collection of music,

Under the tide of the urban era, the city continues to progress, and it has been carefully polished over a long period of time. From economic development to lifestyle, every aspect has changed and rejuvenated. On August 1, 2021, the second stop of the urban exhibition hall of Jinhui Uber Academy – Wuyue Plaza will be in full bloom. From the beginning, the debut of Jinhui Uber Academy will be the focus, and the era of human settlements will be unveiled. The customized version of Jin Xiaorui helped the opening day of the Olympic Games. Jin Xiaorui's customized milk tea for the Olympic Games attracted the attention of the audience at the beginning of the opening ceremony. The Olympic spirit combined with the special IP cup sleeves. Check in the event site and send photos to Moments

Standing in the habitation, interpreting a beautiful lifestyle. On July 28, under the witness of more than 300 mainstream media and industry guests from all walks of life across the country, the "Time to See Beauty" Jinhui Yanxuan 3.0 product launch conference was held in Shanghai·1862 Fashion Art Center. A new era of philosophy of life with good looks, quality and attitude, awakened a vision of the future of human settlements and cities. The press conference began. Mr. Lin Yu, Executive President of Jinhui Group, delivered a speech at the press conference of Jinhui Yanxuan 3.0 products. Jinhui Group has been established for 25 years, adhering to the principle of "build a good house with heart, let the house go"

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Guansheng Ancient Town is an ancient cultural tourism town of 1,500 mu built by Weiguang Huitong Group in Xiangyang with an investment of 8 billion. In May 2021, the Guzhen Commercial Demonstration Zone was officially opened to the public, with an open area of ​​4,000 square meters. The opening of the May 1st Commercial Demonstration Zone and the first Hanfu Culture Festival, received 100,000 tourists in just 5 days; Children's Day Children's Day Children's Play Area Opening and June 1st cultural performances, the cumulative number of tourists received in 2 days reached 50,000. "Guansheng Ancient Town" cup talent contest, brand charm trip to Xiaoxiang, opening of the parent-child play area in the ancient town, and a series of activities with the theme of "Zongqing Zongyi" Dragon Boat Festival,

Xiangyouli|Xiangyang dialect Dragon Boat Festival rice dumpling gift box is warmly welcomed by the market

Xiangyang Youli is a gift box that integrates Xiangyang culture, food, handicrafts and history. It is designed and made by Xiangyang people themselves, and it embodies the enthusiasm and etiquette of Xiangyang people. We hope that this gift box will allow many people to understand and understand the essence of Xiangyang culture and historical heritage, so that the style of Xiangyang can be displayed, and the charm of Xiangyang can be inherited. [Read more]

On May 15, construction workers of CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. were installing steel anchor beams on the main tower of the Niushou Han River Bridge. The bridge is a key control project of Xiangyang 207 National Highway Reconstruction Project. The main bridge is 660 meters long.[Read more]

Xuhe Farm, No. 7 Outdoor Base of Wood Fire, is located on the Han River in the northeast of Wolong Ancient Town, Xiangcheng District, Xiangyang District, Hubei Province, with a beautiful geography and environment. After years of development, the farm currently covers an area of ​​[more]

Many people have a deep fear of unfinished flats. Buying a house is a major event in life, and encountering unfinished flats is a disaster. Imagine living frugally and saving money for ten years, looking carefully at the house [Read More]

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