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Under the unified tone of "housing to live in, not speculation", the new housing market across the country is undergoing rounds of policy regulation. The calls for "anti-real estate speculation" in various cities have been loud, and the intensive control and upgrading policies have continued to be exported. Statistics from Centaline Real Estate show that in July, more than 40 cities including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xiamen, Haikou, Ningbo, Foshan, Kunming, and Tangshan have issued various real estate regulation and upgrade policies, with a total of more than 40 times. During the period of intensive regulation, should ordinary home buyers wait and see or sell?

On July 31, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting. The real estate statement at the meeting was as follows: In terms of the real estate market, the meeting required that we resolve to solve the problems in the real estate market, adhere to urban policies, promote the balance of supply and demand, reasonably guide expectations, and rectify market order. Curb house price rises. Accelerate the establishment of a long-term mechanism to promote the development of the real estate market.

This time, the wording was harsh, and it was true. "Resolutely curbing rising housing prices" makes this policy tone compared to the past. At the same time, the central government is sternly speaking against real estate speculators, and the housing price needs a "reassurance". In the case of Huizhou, under the tone of the national unified regulation and control policy, Huizhou’s housing prices will be “maintained” for a period of time. This is a great opportunity for home buyers to buy a house!

Choose a large or small apartment? It is wise to choose a room with a moderate area according to your own economy and actual needs.

Refers to the conditions of transportation, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, banks, catering, entertainment and leisure equipment and facilities. The degree of perfection directly affects the quality of life of the owners in the future, and is an indicator to measure the cost performance of housing.

Transportation, taking into account the cost of working time for both parties, and at the same time the distance between the parents of both men and women.

Theoretically, it is hoped that it is not only safe for children to go to and from school, but also saves the time for parents to pick up and drop off, so that parents can devote more energy to work. Now large-scale communities have introduced kindergartens and primary schools. If conditions permit, resource communities should be selected.

Next, Zhou Yang, let me introduce you—a cost-effective property for sale within 1 kilometer of Huizhou Wanda Plaza. I hope it can help you!

So in Huiyang in 2019, which ones are sought after? Statistics show that in 2019, 23,227 sets of newly-built commercial housing in Huiyang District were sold, worth 31.056 billion yuan. The number of sets and area ranks first. Huiyang Agile Garden has 1,898 sets, with a score of 179,600 square meters. Amount sold crown.

The community adopts an enclosed layout structure, and the central panoramic four-season garden keeps the garden vegetation evergreen all year round. There is a swimming pool in the center of the garden for free leisure use by the owners.

A large city with 34,000 square meters of original ecological lake dwellings, the entire lake is composed of Qinhu Lake, Yin Lake and Yuehu Lake. The three major lakes constitute the main components of the original ecological lake dwelling life of Muma Lake. The entire project is planned with ultra-low density, and the incomparable ecological environment forms an excellent living environment, which is the life of many wealthy people.

Huiyang is one of the Bay Area areas in Linshen to buy a house. Pingshan used to be the area between Huiyang and Danshui, and many Shenzhen tourists pay attention.

Huiyang's transaction volume declined in 2019 last year, but it maintained a high-level annual market of 23,000 units.

Looking back at the Huizhou new housing market in 2019, Daya Bay and Huiyang performed well in Huidong, Huicheng, and Boluo. It is the Boluo Huizhou market. Last year, it reached 25,100 sets of market transactions, squeezing out Huiyang’s transaction status and becoming Huizhou Last year, it was one of the three major districts where houses were sold.

01/ What are the selling points of Huiyang houses?

Needless to say, the selling point of Linshen, everyone understands. Huiyang, since 2012, the statistics show that the annual transaction of new houses is basically more than 15,000 units. superior.

Why did the houses in Huiyang fall back last year? There are several points in the analysis. First, Huiyang is attractive to other districts in terms of house price advantages, such as Boluo, Zhongkai, and Huidong. Second, the transaction volume in Huiyang is hot. The average house price in Huiyang is more than 14,000, which is much higher than the average price of 11,000 in Huizhou. If the price rises, the purchase can only be completed if there is purchasing power; 3. The supply in Huiyang has decreased. However, this series of Huiyang transactions has fallen back, following the slight adjustment of the overall property market structure in Huizhou, which is a market adjustment.

According to a statistical data, in recent years, Huiyang is the focus of attention of foreigners who buy houses in Huizhou, including those from Shenzhen. Line 14 is extended to Huizhou, and Pingshan, Shenzhen enters Huiyang area, including Huiyang Baiyun New City. Although Huizhou has not yet met the conditions for building a subway, the land transportation in Huiyang and Shenzhen is not a subway, but also a high-speed rail; another point of Huiyang Real Estate is the air environment in Huiyang. A single piece of data from Huizhou shows that Huizhou's air quality counties include Huiyang District, Huicheng District, and Daya Bay District. Huiyang is still the first environment. Many home buyers come to Huizhou to buy a house, live in it, and take vacations for the elderly. One of the core elements is that Huizhou has the air quality advantage of this "lung washing city". In addition, apart from Huicheng District, Huiyang is a residential area, a populated area, complete with business, education, medical care and leisure.

Huizhou South Railway Station (Xiamen High-speed Railway) gathers Huiyang Danshui, which becomes a reference for home buyers who want to buy a property in Huiyang. According to last year's data, in addition to the price advantage of Boluo driving the transaction, another point is that Huizhou North Station of Jiangxi High-speed Railway, Boluo North Station and Boluo Station of Guangshan High-speed Railway brought advances. In addition, Huicheng South (Guangzhou-Shantou High-speed Railway) enters Huicheng, allowing Huicheng to usher in high-speed rail. Jiangxi High-speed Railway Zhongkai Station, Zhongkai Real Estate bought a house and took it.

Another point is that Huiyang is basically located in the core area of ​​Huizhou, close to Pingshan, Shenzhen, Daya Bay to the south, Zhongkai to the northwest, Huicheng central area (the central area of ​​Huizhou) to the north, and Huidong to the east. Huiyang is located in the hub center of the Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou 1-hour economic circle, and is the "bridgehead" between Huizhou and Dongguan. Huiyang covers an area of ​​more than 900 square kilometers, and Shenzhen basically does not have such an area, with a permanent population of 600,000.

Like other districts, a certain area in these districts in Huizhou has become a hotspot for home buyers. For example, Daya Bay is concentrated in the west and central areas; Huiyang is concentrated in Huizhou South, Huiyang Baiyun New City, Huiyang Central District, Danshui, and Huiyang Shatian; Huicheng is concentrated in the Jinshan Lake area.

In the past 8 years, Huiyang has sold 200,000 houses and various types of real estate. Such as Evergrande Palm Island, No. 1 Peninsula, Hongjiang Shangcheng Family, No. 1 Jialu, Helenburg Zhongqiao Mansion in the central area of ​​Huiyang, Country Garden Shenhui City, Xinghe Shengshi, Poly Sunshine City, Wancheng Mingzuo, Yifang Water Pavilion in Baiyun New City Area , Jiuzhou Yudaiwan, Yifang Tiandi, etc. Huizhou Xinghe Dandi, Country Garden South Station New City, Huiyang Agile Garden, Huiyang Sanhe Field Ivy, and Longguang Nine Dragon Bay are all attention-getting areas.

When looking at houses in Huiyang, or houses in Huizhou, the brand is the first priority. There are real estate companies in China, and they can basically be seen in Huizhou. Country Garden, Evergrande, Vanke, Galaxy, Logan, Yaleju, Kaisa, and China Overseas Huizhou have reserved a lot of goods and are developing real estate projects. For the whole year of 2019 alone, Country Garden’s sales were 23.715 billion, Logan Real Estate’s was 10.171 billion, followed by Xinghe’s 8.145 billion, and Evergrande’s 5.769 billion. But one thing worth paying attention to is that there are many projects in Vanke Huizhou. According to statistics, the three projects of Vanke City, Shuangyue Bay and Dajia Island are the few projects in Vanke Huizhou.

According to the data of hot real estate transactions in these areas in Huiyang, Evergrande Palm Island, Country Garden Shenhui City, Galaxy Prosperity, and Galaxy Dandi are basically developed by these top developers.

Among the top ten real estate companies in Huicheng District in 2019, many new faces such as Blu-ray Development, Hopson Development, and Galaxy Holdings appeared. In addition, three local real estate companies, Dewei Group, Century Real Estate, and Olympic Garden Real Estate, entered the TOP10 list.

Among them, 1,898 sets of Huiyang Agile (Sanhe District, Danshui area) are the most sold properties, 1,489 sets of Xinghe Shengshi ranked second, 1,465 sets of Rongchuang Jiuzhang Terrace ranked third, 1,365 sets of Evergrande Palm Island ranked fourth, and Country Garden Runyang Valley 1,115 sets, 1,112 sets in Muyunxigu Garden, 1,112 sets in Xinghe Dandi, and more than 900 sets in Field Ivy, Zhongzhou Park City, and Xinghe Rongyu.

The price of these projects is 11,500 yuan for Huiyang Agile and Sunac Jiuzhangtai, 14,500 rough price for Galaxy Prosperity; 13,800 average price for Evergrande Palm Island, and more than 17,500 average price for Galaxy Dandi. The unit is still 18,190,000 buildings The price of Xinghe Rongyu is 15,000. You find a phenomenon that Huiyang, Xinghe property projects are generally higher than other projects in Huiyang.

Huiyang Xinghe Dandi has a construction area of ​​2.6 million square meters and a very large scale. It is planned to build a 9-year consistent school (the high school attached to South China Normal University, a famous school with a century of history), and 2 kindergartens. Huizhou South Railway Station, traffic. The expressways include Shenshan and Shenhui coastal areas in the east.

Huiyang Agile is located in the Danshui area. It plans to have 5 schools, a provincial first-level middle school, Huiyang No. 1 Middle School Experimental School, and a 4,200-square-meter Xianglu Lake, surrounded by two, Shenshan and Huida, with a large-scale construction area of ​​3 million square meters.

Huiyang Xinghe Shengshi is located at the starting point of Baiyun New City, close to Jinhuishou Station (Baiyun Station) of Shenzhen Metro Line 14 under planning, and adjacent to Pingshan High-speed Railway Station. It is a large community of 350,000 square meters with a collection of 60,000 square meters of French-style theme gardens.

03/ Boluo's turnover is soaring, why?

[Niu Haosi-Huiyang Daya Bay is a member of the Linshen Real Estate Expert Group under Dongdong Xunfang. It focuses on the real estate market in Huiyang and Daya Bay. Starting from the actual needs of Shenzhen house buyers, a series of area analysis and real estate reviews, objective, fair and detailed presentation of Huiyang and Daya Bay . 】

In 2017, Huizhou’s real estate market was within the red line of the price limit, sign limit, and sale limit policy, with a transaction volume of nearly 150,000 units, ranking first in the province! Although the transaction volume dropped slightly by 4% compared with last year, the overall price has changed.

Lao Niu sorted out the prices of new houses sold in Huizhou in January 2018 and some of the second-hand representative second-hand house prices, which can be used as a reference for comparison during the actual house viewing process.

Laoniu selects second-hand real estate with active transactions in various regions of Huizhou as a reference for second-hand house prices, but because there are many price factors among second-hand houses, the price of each real estate and each house listing price shall prevail.

Due to the purchase restriction policies of other surrounding cities in Shenzhen, Huiwan joined several nationally well-known real estate developers this year, such as Gemdale and Sony, to deploy in the Huiwan market in 2017; these real estate developers joined the favored brand real estate buyers to bring more choices.

Due to the location of Huizhou City, there are price differences in the city; the price and transaction volume of the area near Shenzhen Daya Bay ranks first in Huizhou, and the second place in price and transaction volume is near Shenzhen Huiyang District.

A sluggish start, turmoil in the middle of the year, and a tailspin at the end of the year… In 2019, the Huizhou property market was full of twists and turns, which made people feel mixed. Under the dual pressures of the market environment and the financing environment, active sales and accelerated return of funds will be the main theme of the property market in 2019. In addition, due to high-quality and high-price policies, the policy of regulation and control, regional and real estate differentiation has intensified, and transactions have become the norm.

Even so, under the influence of regulatory policies, market environment and planning factors, project promotions and channel distribution drive, the achievements are still remarkable. According to statistics from the Huiminjia Data Research Center, in 2019, Huizhou's new commercial housing (including all properties) sold 173,433 sets/16.7599 million square meters/179.182 billion yuan, down 3%, 3%, and 4% year-on-year. Among them, the transaction volume of new commercial housing was 142,566 units/15.0398 million square meters/163.355 billion yuan, down 5%, 4%, and 4% year-on-year.

Who is in charge of the ups and downs in the turmoil of the property market? The so-called gold is seen only after the big waves wash the sand, and the performance and strength explain it. How Huizhou city's real estate enterprises/real estate sales performance "ranking competition" will be performed in 2019, Huiminjia will launch the "2019 Huizhou Real Estate Market Sales Billboard" for you to reveal.

The trend of the times, heroes rise. In 2019, Huizhou real estate enterprises sold 173,433 sets/16.7599 million square meters/179.182 billion yuan, down 3%, 3%, and 4% year-on-year. The sales of TOP20 totaled 96.187 billion yuan, with a market share of 54%, and a high degree of concentration.

Further reading…

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Huizhou community ranking list, what are the high-end communities in Huizhou

At the same time that real estate companies are concentrating, the scale gap is widening. The transaction amount increased to 2 from 10 billion real estate companies; the number of real estate companies with more than 5 billion to 5; Zhongzhou Holdings Peninsula City State, Tianyu, and Huaxinfu project transactions were 4.8 billion yuan, 5 billion real estate companies are one step away, and the performance in 2018 rose by 1 billion yuan.

The sales volume of the top ten real estate companies (except the sales crown) has increased, and the entry threshold has increased; while the TOP11-20 real estate companies have between 1.7 and 2.7 billion, and the sales amount has declined, and the TOP20 real estate companies have lowered the entry threshold by 384 million yuan.

Compared with 2018, 6 of the TOP20 real estate companies have been replaced, while the others have only changed in ranking. Among the 20 real estate companies, two local companies, Longsheng and Dulwich, have entered the TOP20 list.

Country Garden continues to be the champion of the "three materials" in sales performance, and the law of "the strong will last, the king of goods" has not changed. It is understood that the company has 40 projects for sale in Huizhou, and its projects in various counties and districts have squeezed into the top ten list of real estate.

As the second real estate company in Huizhou whose sales performance has exceeded 10 billion, Logan Real Estate has made great efforts in its 7 projects, helping it break through 10 billion for the first time, and ranked second in the "three materials" sales performance of real estate companies. The ranking of Logan Real Estate rose by 4 places in 2018.

Although Galaxy Holdings ranked third in terms of transaction value in 2018, its turnover in 2018 was more than 3 billion yuan. Helenbergh is the third runner-up in the number of sets sold and the area sold.

In 2019, the transaction volume of new commercial housing in Huizhou was 156,654 units/16,119,200 square meters/177.545 billion yuan, down 5%, 4%, and 4% compared with 2018. Among them, the TOP20 projects with sales performance were 33,444 sets/3.4465 million square meters/43.520 billion yuan, down by about 19%, 22%, and 20% year-on-year. The sales volume of each sales port (number of sets, area, amount) decreased.

Supply is king. Among the top 20 residential supply projects in 2019, 15 of them were listed as TOP20.

As for the number of transactions, among the 20 projects, 6 are in Daya Bay, 4 in Huiyang, 3 in Boluo, 2 in Huicheng, Zhongkai, and Huidong, and 1 in Longmen.

The sales of TOP20 projects are mainly residential, and Nankunshan Hot Spring Health Valley 1 commercial project has squeezed into 20 sets of transactions & area.

Changes in the list, 8 lists of TOP20 projects in 2018, the champion, runner-up and third place changed hands. The competition for TOP3 real estate is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competition for TOP20 is stalemate, and many projects are narrowly winning.

Uptown Taidong Park, Country Garden is the top seller in the number of units sold. And Logan City won the championship in transaction area/amount. It is known that Logan City’s supply in 2019 is 2,711 sets/323,400 square meters, with a sell-through rate of 84%.

In 2019, real estate enterprises in Huicheng District sold 40,997 units/3.7335 million square meters/40.262 billion yuan. The number of units fell by 7% year-on-year, the area was basically the same, and the amount increased by 4% year-on-year. Among them, the sales performance of the top ten housing enterprises accounted for about 50% of the total.

Although the sales threshold of the top 10 real estate companies has been raised to 1.454 billion yuan, the total performance of the top ten fell by 5%, and the first to sixth real estate companies have declined to a certain extent.

China Overseas Real Estate, Country Garden, and Li Real Estate stand side by side, becoming the champion, runner-up and third runner-up of the "three materials" sales of real estate companies in Huicheng District in 2019.

With the help of China Overseas Real Estate Yuejiang Mansion, Rose Garden, Tangquan, Shui'an City and Triumph City, they reversed and won the championship at a critical moment. However, Country Garden "tightened" the latter, ranking second in terms of transaction area.

Among the top ten real estate companies in Huicheng District in 2019, many new faces such as Blu-ray Development, Hopson Development, and Galaxy Holdings appeared. In addition, three local real estate companies, Dewei Group, Century Real Estate, and Olympic Garden Real Estate, entered the TOP10 list.

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How much is the housing price in the central area of ​​Daya Bay, Huiyang in 2018

Huiyang, an inspiration for buying a house last year!

In 2019, the transaction of 30,223 new commercial housing units in Huicheng District dropped slightly compared with 2018, and the transaction was 3.3678 million square meters/39.197 billion yuan, an increase of 3% and 5%. Among them, the top ten sales projects sold 12,215 sets/1.3767 million square meters/15.318 billion yuan, accounting for about 40% of the overall transaction.

The number of sets, the sales threshold of TOP10 has increased by 987 sets, and nearly 300 sets in 2018. The number of transactions in the top 9 exceeded 1,000 sets, and 6 projects in 2018 exceeded 1,000 sets.

For the number of sets sold, the top ten projects were "reshuffled", with Licheng, Deweijiang Yucheng, and Aoyuan leading the list. Entering the market in the second half of 2019, Zhonghai Yuejiang Mansion entered the TOP10 list as a "dark horse", becoming the third place in the number of sets sold, and the second place in terms of transaction value and area.

Sinic City continued to win the "three materials" champion of real estate sales in Huicheng District, but its performance declined in 2018.

In 2019, real estate enterprises in Zhongkai District sold 19,863 sets/1.852 million square meters/16.661 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12%, 9%, and 10%. Among them, the turnover of TOP10 real estate enterprises was 11.458 billion yuan, accounting for 69% of the total in the region.

The top sales of real estate companies exceeded 2 billion yuan for the first time. In 2018, the top sales exceeded 800 million yuan, and the runner-up Kaisa Group opened a gap of 1.245 billion yuan. We understand that the company has laid out multiple projects in Zhongkai District, Helen Xiangzhou Garden, Helen Yijing Garden, and Helen Yuanzhu Garden. These projects are very active in promoting goods in 2019.

In addition, in 2019, half of the top 10 real estate enterprises in Zhongkai District have been "replaced", and Aoyuan, Logan Real Estate, Tianyi Investment, Huating Real Estate, and Qiushi Group are "new faces".

In 2019, the transaction volume of new commercial housing in Zhongkai District was 18,402 units/1.799 million square meters/16.573 billion yuan, up 7%, 7%, and 9% year-on-year. Among them, the top ten sales projects sold 10,323 sets/1,027,400 square meters/9.363 billion yuan, accounting for about 56% of the overall turnover.

For the transaction amount, Kaisa Times Keyuan, Hailun Yijing Garden, Haoxiangyuan One City Center, and Longguang Nine Dragons Terrace exceeded 1 billion yuan, and the threshold for TOP10 list increased by 637 million yuan.

Kaisa Times Keyuan sold 1,511 sets/157,900 square meters/1.539 billion yuan and won the top sales of "three materials". The project continued to be launched in 2019, and a total of 1,446 residential houses were approved for pre-sale throughout the year. Comparing the transaction volume and supply volume, we can see the sell-through rate.

In 2019, real estate enterprises in Huiyang District sold 23,227 sets/2.3557 million square meters/31.056 billion yuan, down 20%, 23%, and 20% year-on-year. Among them, the top ten real estate companies by transaction value totaled 21.934 billion yuan, accounting for more than 70% of the total transaction value; compared with the performance of the top ten in 2018, it fell by 26% year-on-year.

Compared with the champion performance in 2019 (5.595 billion yuan) and the sales champion in 2018 (10.412 billion yuan), "cut in half" and both changed positions.

However, Galaxy Holdings, as the top seller of "three materials" real estate enterprises in Huiyang District in 2019, its transaction value increased by 31% compared with its own performance in 2018. We understand that Galaxy Holdings has been deeply involved in Huiyang District, and there are currently three hot spots for sale in Galaxy Dandi, Galaxy Rongyu, and Galaxy Prosperity.

However, the sales volume of projects under Country Garden (the top sales in 2018) has been reduced to a certain extent.

In 2019, 23,227 new commercial houses in Huiyang District were sold/2.3557 million square meters/31.056 billion yuan, down 20%, 23%, and 20% year-on-year. Among them, the top ten sales projects sold 12,340 sets/1.2738 million square meters/17.464 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the overall transaction.

Among them, the number of units and the area ranked first. Huiyang Agile Garden won the double top sales with 1,898 units/179,600 square meters, while Muyun Xigu Garden became the top sales volume with a turnover of 2.209 billion yuan.

Outside of Galaxy, Country Garden, and Agile, the TOP10 list gathered projects developed by Evergrande, Sunac, Zhongzhou, Changtong, and well-known local real estate companies.

In 2019, real estate enterprises in Daya Bay District sold 38,152 units/3.7868 million square meters/48.904 billion yuan, down 11%, 9%, and 12% year-on-year. Among them, the sales performance of the top ten real estate companies accounted for more than 60% of the total, but the transaction value fell by 3% year-on-year.

Country Garden is the only real estate company in Daya Bay Area with a sales amount exceeding 10 billion yuan, and its sales performance is far ahead of other real estate companies, ranking first.

In 2018, Logan Real Estate’s performance exceeded 5 billion yuan, and it became the runner-up in the 2019 Daya Bay real estate sales list, while the runner-up real estate in 2018 missed the top ten list.

Among the top ten real estate companies, old faces are equally divided in the world, and five new face real estate companies, Evergrande Group, Zhuozhou Investment, China Resources Land, Xusheng Group, and Macrolink Cultural Tourism, are among the top ten.

In 2019, the transaction volume of new commercial housing in Daya Bay District was 36,821 sets/3.6532 million square meters/48.724 billion yuan, down 14%, 13%, and 12% year-on-year. Among them, the top ten sales projects sold 15,330 sets/1.5857 million square meters/22.565 billion yuan, accounting for over 40% of the overall turnover.

The number of transactions, ranking changes, the list of Country Garden Taidong Park Uptown, Excellence East Cote d'Azur, Country Garden Taidong Tianyue Bay, China Resources Xiaojing Bay, and the remaining 6 projects are either rebuilt like Logan City, or rising stars like Zhuozhou · Yueyuan.

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