[How much is a square meter of second-hand housing in the neighborhoods near Zhejiang] How much is the estimated value of the house price in Changjiang Community per square meter|Second-hand housing in District A of Zhejiang Community can be sold|Detailed information of Wenyuan Community |

2. During the transaction period, the type of transaction property (villa, townhouse, apartment), whether it is hardcover or not, the size of the apartment, and the location of the floor will cause price changes;

3. Some housing sources reduce taxes and fees, which will lower the transaction unit price; while some second-hand housing increases bank loans, it may be possible to adjust the unit price and housing conditions. It is recommended that buyers go to the site to see;

4. "-" in the form means that there is no contract price or no fluctuation in September. For housing information, it is recommended to go to the intermediary store in the community to see.

In this list, there are indeed some cost-effective communities that are worth recommending.

You know, the house is not perfect, and buying a house is not completely satisfactory. The key is to buy the one you like and decorate it warmly. I think that if you choose a second-hand house like this, you will have a lot of mentality.

For example, the Shijia Garden next to the West Lake Cultural Square has historical transactions this year, and its price has remained around 30,000 yuan/square meter, while there are many luxury houses in the surrounding area, such as Deep Blue Plaza, Baima Apartment, and Wulinfu High-end Community, the price is about 50,000 yuan/square meter ;

Furthermore, this community is within easy reach of the subway station and the West Lake Cultural Square. If you like the city center, then I think this is the place for you.

Houses around 1996 are not counted. Pick a house type, the total price, you can live in the city center, and it is cost-effective.

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How much is the estimated value of the housing price in District A of Zhejiang Community?

How much is the estimated value of house prices in Changjiang District per square meter?

Such a community, like Dejia in the southwest of the city, was a benchmark work in the area at that time, and its facade is a classic, and it has won the national demonstration community.

However, the price is more affordable than the surrounding communities, less than 40,000 yuan/square meter, and the nearby Purple Osmanthus Garden sells for about 50,000 yuan/square meter.

Xinjin City Garden is a high-quality residential area in the west of the city. The current price is less than 40,000 yuan per square meter. I personally think that if you want to improve, these two properties are an option.

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Detailed information of Wenyuan Community

post circuit district

There are some cost-effective second-hand houses in Binjiang, such as Fengya Qiantang and Qiantang Chunxiao next to the district government. The current price of these two second-hand housing communities is less than 30,000 yuan per square meter. You must know that the district government is the core area of ​​Binjiang, and the nearby new housing prices are 40,000 yuan. Yuan/square meter.

The editor understands that Wenzhou investors entered this sector at the time, and now it is a good time to sell. If you want to buy a house, you might as well go here to have a look.

In Gongshu District, there is a section where the price of second-hand housing is currently at a high point, the area along the west of the bridge.

It can be said that this section is currently connected to the center of Hangzhou. At the same time, the cultural environment section is very livable, and the school district basically belongs to the category of Maiyuqiao Primary School.

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